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Grundfos CM 5-3 1HP Booster Pump Set 200L Pressure Vessel(Challenger)

Booster Water Pump

Low water pressure is common problem in villas and residential buildings Enhance the water pressure with our booster pumps. We ensure optimal water pressures all the time brining comfort to your home.

Vespa 0.5HP Stainless Steel Casting Submersible Sewage Pump SS50

Submersible Water Pump

Submersible pumps should be inspected as often as possible for efficient working of the pump. they are used for draining waste water, ground water supply and irrigation. Explore the right submersible pump for your requirement.


Pressure Tank Vessel

Ensure long life of your water pump by using a pressure tank. It prevent the pump from turning on and off by storing pressurized water and supplying water at consistent levels.

Saci Winner Self-priming pump for swimming pools 3HP 300T 3-phase

Swimming Pool Pump

Ensure safety and protection of water in your pool by installing high efficient swimming pool pumps and equipment with us.

We dont just install & maintain pumps,
we empower you with our personalized guidance, we educate you the best practices and preventive measures.

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Toutain MarieToutain Marie
13:16 07 Mar 24
Very reactive on WhatsApp. Was able to place delivery late afternoon for the next day.Very happy with the delivery and the great customer service ! Will order from them again. Thank you Binja
01:50 06 Mar 24
Honest, knowledgeable and trustworthy. Also very tidy, clean and respectful in my property.Very happy, would make these guys my first call if I need help, and throughly recommend, again
Azzam HunjulAzzam Hunjul
15:06 05 Mar 24
Great company and great service and the team are professional and very polit. I highly recommend working with Binja
Sherine ZohdiSherine Zohdi
15:53 19 Feb 24
Was struggling to find Grohe angle valves, Binja provided despite was not in their stock. The brushed gold angle valves were not available even in big shops but they managed to get and deliver ! Thanks a lot
Robert MikaelianRobert Mikaelian
11:31 16 Jan 24
Amazing service and quick to respond.Fantastic!!!
Shayne SShayne S
13:42 06 Jan 24
Just had my water heater replaced and installed. Im Satisfied with their work, left the whole place clean and very easy to deal with.
Emmanuel ZoletaEmmanuel Zoleta
03:17 01 Dec 23
Delighted with the Everhot Water Heater from Binja Building Materials. Original product, affordable pricing, and swift delivery exceeded my expectations. Highly recommend!
Ahmed AlzarouniAhmed Alzarouni
19:54 25 Nov 23
19:46 16 Nov 23
“I recently purchased a [ ariston water heater] from [ Binja buildingmaterials], and I couldn’t be happier with my online shopping experience. Their website was user-friendly, making it easy to find the perfect item. The checkout process was smooth, and I received my order promptly. The [ ariston water heater] arrived in excellent condition, exactly as described on their website on the same day thanks to suhail the salesman. I’m thrilled with the quality and will definitely shop at [ binja ] again in the future. Highly recommended!”Thank you 😊
19:46 16 Nov 23
“I recently purchased a [ ariston water heater] from [ Binja buildingmaterials], and I couldn’t be happier with my online shopping experience. Their website was user-friendly, making it easy to find the perfect item. The checkout process was smooth, and I received my order promptly. The [ ariston water heater] arrived in excellent condition, exactly as described on their website on the same day thanks to suhail the salesman. I’m thrilled with the quality and will definitely shop at [ binja ] again in the future. Highly recommended!”Thank you 😊
16:17 09 Nov 23
Fast delivery, excellent service !
Germaye wondafrawGermaye wondafraw
08:17 06 Nov 23
"I recently purchased a water heater from Ariston and I am extremely satisfied with its performance. The installation was quick and hassle-free, and the water heater has been providing consistent hot water whenever I need it. The energy efficiency of the unit has also helped reduce my utility bills. I appreciate the durability and reliability of this water heater, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone in need of a high-quality and efficient solution for their hot water needs."
Sukhbir SinghSukhbir Singh
03:58 21 Oct 23
bought a light (single piece) and still very professional and pricing was spot on the best in the market -- will surely use them again for my hardware use.
12:58 27 Sep 23
Delivery is very fast. Prices are good
Muck MuckMuck Muck
09:48 12 Sep 23
Very fast only hours and goods delivered
Ibrahim ThaslimIbrahim Thaslim
09:02 07 Sep 23
They are well experienced in all kind of jotun paints
Mhd RatebMhd Rateb
10:01 06 Sep 23
Amazing and fast, i ordered at night and i got the order next day morningOrdered 2 60x60 lights
Professional and helpful.
Eslam ElbayomiEslam Elbayomi
06:22 01 Sep 23
Best one for all material availability and in best priceSuhail is amazing support and give great guidance
natasha manamikenatasha manamike
11:14 28 Aug 23
Quick delivery with the exact order. Friendly delivery staff too. I like that they followed up to ask if i had received my order. Great service and great prices!
Jc SamonteJc Samonte
08:49 17 Aug 23
Highly recommend this company, customer service and sales rep was amazing they response on a timely manner which is commendable.
rosemary ekperosemary ekpe
03:37 05 Aug 23
Coming from a lady who knows nothing about hardware, they provided the best service. From swift responses to pics to selecting the best items....kudos. I didn't have cash so they offered a bank transfer which was so swift and delivery was done on the same 😮 wow! Keep it up, Guys!
Mohammed RaiyanMohammed Raiyan
14:06 26 Jul 23
Good service & delivery of the material
irina brateanuirina brateanu
16:12 19 Jul 23
Very good experience... highly recommend
Adel AlnadhariAdel Alnadhari
17:50 10 Jul 23
Great experience with quality products & services provided...highly professional, competent & friendly staffVery highly recommended 👌
mark sullivanmark sullivan
07:37 30 Jun 23
Great experience. COD and were here when they said they would be. Very pleasant staff making the delivery too. Thank you Binja
antony lovellantony lovell
05:33 12 May 23
Friendly, helpful service with prompt delivery of ordered products. Thanks very much!
Sarah ThomasSarah Thomas
05:32 03 May 23
Excellent customer service, very fast and efficient in helping me select the right product. The product quality is very good too.
Shakul HameedShakul Hameed
03:18 08 Dec 22
All the best brands like Geepas, Bosch, Dewalt, Stanley, Grundfos, Ariston, Milano, Kludi Rak,Espa are available with the best price. They offer wide range of products like power tools, drills, drivers grinders, hammer drills, polishers, saw, wrenches, sanders, hand tools, measuring tools, abrasives, cables, electrical tools, switches and sockets, led bulbs, lights, safety shoes, jackets, plumbing tools, taps, mixer, shattaf, hardware and maintenance accessories, ladders, pallet truck, silicone sealant, adhesive, paint, water heater and water pump.
05:29 21 Oct 22
It's a Building Material shop.You can find sanitary, Electrical, and paint items here.Their sale service is good.The price is reasonable.They also deliver the goods.They accept card payments without any extra charges.
shameerp pshameerp p
07:13 09 Apr 22
Binja Building Materials is the best hardware shop in Dubai.They have wide collection of BUILDING MATERIALS IN UAE.BINJA BUILDING MATERIALS are whole sellers and retailers.Brands are LITEX,MAXWELL,GAZELLE,ATLANTIC,KLUDI RAK,RR,YOARASHI.BINJA is the complete solution for the building and home.
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12:21 24 Mar 22
best building materials in Dubai use rashdiyawide range of electrical hardware, power tools tile glues cement, ramool,bricks, plumbing sanitary co fittings ppr fittings national paints jotun paints water heater ariston Atlantic everhot , gypsum fittings gypsum boards celieng tiles and fittings
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07:55 24 Mar 22
Binja is the leading hardware store in Dubai,UAE .They have wide collection of building materials,electricals,home items,water heaters,paints,power tools,hand tools.They located in Rashidiya as well as naif too.
Prajitha ManeshPrajitha Manesh
13:53 05 Mar 22
A trustworthy firm to meet all your requirements and expectations. There specializing in the sale of construction supplies and equipment is worth.We can get everything of good quality and cheap price.All the best teamz
Baluprasad Kvh271096Baluprasad Kvh271096
16:17 26 Feb 22
BINJA is one of the best hardware shop in DUBAI.They have continuous collection of hardware,electrical, plumbing,tools,lights at the best price.BINJA also offer wholesalers and retailers a FREE DELIVERY anywhere around UAE.They have a super power of FAST DELIVERY.The positive side : friendly KNOWLEDGABLE STAFF, free WIFI ,free DELIVERY.
Fathima MehvishFathima Mehvish
14:14 22 Feb 22
I wanted to express my appreciation for the excellent services provided by binja building materials. The material quality,customer service,budget friendliness, everything has been top notch and I can safely recommend this company to my mates without a worry.

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Most Frequently Asked Questions And Their Answers


Increasing the water pressure of a pump can be achieved in different ways.

  1.  Check Pump Rating: Ensure the pump is capable of producing the desired pressure. Every pump has specific parameters and trying to increase may damage the pump. If your pump has low power try to upgrade it.
  2. Booster Pump: Installing a booster pump with your existing pump increases the pressure of water from the existing source. It can be an effective way to achieve higher pressure.
  3. Pressure Tanks: Install a pressure tank to your system. These tanks store pressurized water and can deliver water at high pressure when needed.
  4. Adjust the Speed: Centrifugal pumps have variable speeds. You can increase the pump speed using Variable Frequency Drive (VFD). However, be careful not to exceed the specified pump speed.
  5.  Check for Blockages: Check the pipeline for any blockages or clogs that may reduce the flow and pressure.
  6.  Maintenance: Ensure the pump is well-maintained. Proper maintenance help the pump operate at its best.
  7.  Pump Control kit: If your pump has control settings, such as pressure switches or controllers, adjust to get the required pressure level.
  8.  Consult Professional: If you’re unsure about your pump system, consider consulting a professional technician.

We can provide guidance and recommendations tailored to your specific requirements.

If your water pump is continuously running you may check the following.

  • Check For Leakage: Ensure all the faucets, taps and appliances that use water are turned off. If any of these is on, it can cause your pump to stay on.
  • Damaged Float Switch: If there is a float switch failure, the pump will be unable to turn off, and will eventually burn out the motor of the pump.
  • Incorrect Control Panel Setting: If the control panel mode is in manual or hand mode turn it to automatic mode.

The most common reason for a water tank to overflow is a damaged float valve or a float switch. Dirt and grit can build up and cause damage to the valve or general wear and tear can damage the valve or the float switch.

Transfer Pump is used to transfer water from one tank to another usually from the DEWA (municipality) water tank to the storage water tank.
Booster Pump is used to transfer water from the storage water tank to supply water to taps, faucets and the appliances that use water.

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