Q .What can I do with my account after I register?

A .You can:

  • Change your email address and other information if needed.
  • Maintain an address book for your delivery/ billing addresses.
  • View the order status for the estimated delivery times.
  • View your order history.
  • View products that you have ordered previously.
  • View descriptions of each product ordered.
  • Access a list of coupons used

Q. How to know if my order has been accepted?

A. Once your order reaches us, you will receive an email notification that confirms your order details.

Q. I have not received my order confirmation. What do I do now?

A. Ensure the email address on your order is correct. Check your spam folder or you can contact us directly in case of any issues.

Q  How do I check my order status?

A. Log in to your account to review your order status and other related information in the ‘My Account’ section.

Q. What do these different ‘order status’ terms mean?

A. Accepted: We received your order. It will be picked, packed and dispatched now.

Processing: We received your order and the order is now being processed.

In Progress: Your order is prepared for dispatch.

Delivered: You have either received/collected your order. Thank you for shopping with us.

Declined: We were unfortunately unable to process the order and the order has been cancelled.

Cancelled: Your order has been cancelled for one of the reasons:

  1. You have received for an order cancellation.
  2. One of the products is unavailable in your order list.

You have already paid for the product, you can get your money refund in the same  mode of payment it was received. Returned: The Product has been successfully returned. We will refund you through the same payment method you used to place your order.

Q. How fast can I receive my order?

A. Delivery within 2 working days. 

Q. What should I do if the order is not delivered within 2 working days?

A. We contact you with a new dispatch time and we will process the order. If you choose to cancel the order, then you can get your money refunded in the same mode of payment it was received.

Q. What about Warranty?

A. Manufacturer Warranty applies as mentioned in each product details.

Q. How can I do my payment?

A. Online Payment – Debit or Credit Cards. Payment at the time delivery (Cash, Debit or Credit Card)

Q .Are there any hidden payment charges?

A .The prices are listed for all products and remains same at the time of checkout. If there is any delivery or service charges you will be notified at the time of your payment.

Q. How safe is it to use credit card?

A. We assure you with the highest security standards online. Every transaction go through an encrypted secured payment gateway. We ensure your safety.

Q. Do you store my credit card information?

A. We do not have access to your card or any personal information and our website does not save your card information. We will never ask you for any personal information such as credit card details, passwords via email/phone. 

However, we have an option at the time of checkout for you to save your credit card details. The option is only for your ease of use, we still do not have access to any of your credit card number.

 Q. How much do you charge for delivery?

A. If there is any delivery or service charges you will be notified at the time of your payment. 

Q. How are products packaged and will they reach me safe?

A. We secure your purchases with additional packaging to ensure it reaches you in perfect condition.

Q. What if something happens to the product during transit ?

A. We ensure delivery of the goods are safe and on time. If you have any issues please contact us.

Q. Do we accept returns?

A. All the information about the products will be in our listings so that you can make an informed and trustful purchase. We do accept returns if there is a Manufacturing defect with the product. 

Q. What if I am not happy with my purchase.

A. You can directly cancel the product before dispatch. If you find any issue you can contact us at 04 5469399 or mail us [email protected]. Our customer Services representative will help you through the process.

Q. What documents do I need for returns or refund?

A. The original receipt, payment bill or the delivery note.

Q. What is your return and exchange period?

 A. 15 days from the delivery date or date of collection.

Q. How does the refund method work?

A. All refunds are made to the original method of payment for both online and the in store purchases.

Q. How many days it takes to process my cancellation request?                                                                                                                                                    

A. We will try as quickly as possible. If there is any further issue you can contact us at 04 5469399 or mail us [email protected].

Q. What should I do if my order arrives damaged, defective or if the wrong product was shipped?

A. If you notice any damage to the product during delivery, then please refuse the delivery and contact us. If any damage is identified after delivery of the product, then please contact us we at 04 5469399  will replace with the same product.